Zones, Zones and more Zones

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Steamroller tournaments without playable zone markers can be a hassle for the players. So, we set out to make a practical solution for each table. After a few attempts and try outs at local tournaments we came to the conclusion that zones should be simple and easy to use. Our end concept basically consists of laminated printouts  to insure that they will be re-usable and not tear during gaming. It simple and fast to do. We hope you  guys like the end result.



For the interested (a quick guide)

What will you need:

1. Printer

2. Laminator (preferably A3 but a4 will do fine)

3. Document with the appropriate zones

Zone Templates -quarter 12inch-circle (a4 printout)

Zone Templates – 6x6inch (a4 printout)

Zone Templates – half 12 inch circle (a3 printout)

4. Scissors and Tape


Getting started!

Step 1:

Printout the documents

Step 2:

Laminate the printouts

laminating in action

Step 3:

Cut out the laminated printouts to the appropriate size (Yes, follow the black line..)


Step 4:

Just use some cello tape to tape the back of each half zone together.


End result:

12 inch circle finished

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