Yes, you survived the Warmachine European Masters 2013!!

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The first Warmachine European Masters has been completed. In the end 69 players fought hard for the title, but after 6 rounds only one could be victorious.

Congratulations Phil Shaw!!!! 6 rounds undefeated with Cygnar (Mwehhhh…indeed :P)

Top 5!

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC)
1. Philip Shaw Cygnar 6 (23.0)(21)(199)
2. Tobjorn Hansson Legion of Everblight 5 (26.0)(11)(298)
3. Rickard Nilsson Minions 5 (24.0)(18)(217)
4. Martin Hornacek Skorne 5 (23.0)(20)(205)
5. Stefan Riegler Legion of Everblight 5 (23.0)(8)(263)

Thank you all for a great time and making this event so much fun. We would love to see you back for next year’s event!We will be posting the full results soon

Team EU Masters.

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