Tournament Rules Updated

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Just a simple update of the rules page. We will try to stay as close as possible to the masters 2015 rules set.

Team NL Masters


Format Netherlands Masters 2015

(updated 2/1/2015)

  • 50 point army lists (See, “Army Lists” page 1 of the Masters 2015 document)
  • Players must bring 2 lists
  • Each army list must include 1 masters objective (See, page 11 of the Masters 2015 document)
  • Active Duty Roster+Vanguard+Specialists (See, page 2 of the Masters 2015 document)
  • Each list must be played at least once during the event
  • 6-7 rounds / max. 100 players
  • 60 minutes per player each round (See, “Game Timing” on page 5 of  Masters 2015 document)]
  • Masters 2015 scenarios (See, page 13-20 of the Masters 2015 document)
  • No painting requirement

See Masters 2015 rules for all other information.

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