Just a reminder: new ADR season per 1 July

Posted on July 2nd, by Sankha in News. Comments Off on Just a reminder: new ADR season per 1 July

The new ADR season started yesterday.  Keep that in mind when you are building your lists for the NL Masters this Saturday. Also don’t forget to bring two copies of your army lists. We will be checking all lists on the Saturday at registration. So please have them filled in beforehand and be on time. Don’t be the guy that delays the tournament :D

Also a side note: the Tour de France will start on Saturday in Utrecht. So if you are passing Utrecht expect the possibility of delays. We would advice a small detour and to depart on time and not aim at the end of registration closing time.

Team NL Masters


The new ADR:ActiveDuty_Circle ActiveDuty_Convergence ActiveDuty_Cryx ActiveDuty_Cygnar2 ActiveDuty_Khador2 ActiveDuty_Legion ActiveDuty_Mercenaries ActiveDuty_Minions ActiveDuty_Protectorate ActiveDuty_Retribution ActiveDuty_Skorne ActiveDuty_Trollbloods2

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