Improving 1st round pairings

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So, basicly we use dohyou software to pair our players each round. The great thing about this program is that it is made specifically for warmachine and does all the pairings for us. At last years event we had decided that we would leave all 1st round pairings up to the dohyou softwares random pairings. What happened was that some of you guys ended up playing a close friend in the first round with which you traveled many hours to get to this tournament. After the tournament we felt that although totally random first round pairings are the best high competition standard, it does decrease the fun and social aspect of a tournament if you end up playing a travelmate in the first round. So this year, we will try to resolve any pairings in the first round in which people end up playing against players from their own country.

How will this work?

1. Dohyou will make random pairings for the first round

2. We will depair players playing someone from their own country and randomly assign a different opponent

3. In all other rounds we will of course not touch the pairings and let dohyou do all the hard work.

Understand that we will take great care providing a random (de)pairing!

Team EU Masters

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