Chess Clocks at the European Masters

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The chess clocks for this year’s European Masters have finally arrived.  We had looked at a few different models but the digital chess clocks from DGT are a solid choice. Below are some pictures of the chess clocks.

At the European masters we will be using chess clocks for the timing of each game,  as is described on page 4 of the masters document.

“Chess clocks are used to timed games in Masters 2013 events. Each player is allotted a set time (player clock) to achieve victory and the sum of both player clocks determines the expected end time for each round.”


At 50 points, each player will be allotted 60min per game. Make sure you read up on the finer details of chess clock timing.  There are a few small things that have changed since “death clock” (steamroller 2013). It would be a shame if takes you by surprise on the first round!

Team European Masters


just_a_boxchess clocks1chess clocks2




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