Format Netherlands Masters 2017

(updated 24-03-2018)
  • 75 point army lists
  • Players must bring 2 lists
  • Each list must be played at least once during the event
  • 5-6rounds / max. 64 players
  • 60 minutes per player each round (See, “Game Timing”  in Masters 2017 document)
  • Masters 2017 scenarios
  • No painting requirement

See Masters 2017 pdf for all other information.

House Rules

  • Have Fun!
  • Cocked dice are to be rerolled
  • You inform your opponent what rolls are for
  • Effects are to be clearly marked on the table
  • If you move an opponents piece without permission and discussion ensues, the judge can rule against you
  • Questions? Don’t get angry, ask a judge!
  • Unsporting behaviour such as interfering with your opponent’s time or drawing out games are not accepted
  • The judges decisions are final

Tables and Terrain

An important part of warmachine tournaments are the table and terrain settings. We have set out to provide terrain that is suited for warmachine games and does not hinder the game experience. We will be using the same 2d terrain that was also used at ClogCon.

Below are some examples of terrain to be expected at the event:


1. Hills
2. rough terrain
3. Forrests
4. Linear Obstacles
5. Obstructions
6. Trenches
7. Shallow water